Technology is ever-present. It’s given us a global platform and unimaginable ways to market our businesses, educate ourselves, and pursue our passions. In the event industry, we’re fighting for attention more than attendance these days, so the key to success is learning to embrace the smartphones in front of faces.

1. Social Sharing Photo Booths

Gone are the days of the tiny photo booth that you and your bestie can barely cram into. The newest trends incorporate event branding, offer gif and video options, and can print or share instantly to your social accounts. #yasqueen

Check out: Smilebooth (We love our ATL companies)

2. Beacon Technology

In a nutshell, beacons are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices which broadcast data directly to a nearby device. They can communicate with smart devices to track user behavior, create personalized interactive experiences, wow a crowd at just the right moment, or collect invaluable behavioral data about guests during an event.

3. Customized Apps

Looking for an integrated solution for registration and check-ins, attendee engagement, digital networking, instant audience polls and feedback surveys? With a lot of products on the market that manage one or two of these features, finding something customizable that suits your needs and ends up in the hands of your attendees can make a huge impact.

Check out: EventMobi

4. Tech-y Props

The biggest downside to hosting a presentation is low guest interaction. Nothing short of a spectacle will compete with the ever-present tendency to work through events or browse social media. Look for ways to replace commonplace equipment with attention grabbing alternatives.

Check out: Catchbox

5. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR brings digital elements into the real world, and is teetering on the edge of taking over (think Pokemon GO craze). There are a ton of ways to use this technology to step it up at your event from virtual signage to wayfinding and creating unique brand and social interactions.

Check out: Skignz