You’ve found the perfect spot with a killer skyline view – don’t fall victim to these classic pitfalls.


Don’t fight it, learn to love it. As the temperatures rise this summer, we’ll all be saying thanks for the cool breezes. Just make sure your decorations are weighed down and tablecloths are secured. (Opt for sturdy vases, decor with sand-filled bases, and tablecloths that affix to your tables)


Harsh lighting can ruin the mood (and your pictures), and it’s hard to eat in the dark. But never fear! Simple strands of twinkling lights or colorful up-lights can add instant ambience to any evening party. (Secure strands with plastic hooks or zip ties―nails and staples can pierce the wire)


Outdoor venues are a crowd pleaser, but always have a plan to move guests inside or under cover if the weather turns. (Review your rain plan with your vendors and make sure they can move quickly and independently while you tend to your guests. Don’t forget to check that your covered spaces can accommodate your guest count).


No one wants to leave a party covered in mosquito bites. Instead of crossing your fingers, greet your guests with a welcome gift of easy-to-use items to ensure there’s nary a bite among them. (Our fave? LA Fresh Travel Lite insect repellent wipes). Want a set it and go solution? Try a mosquito coil, they’re simple to use, pesticide-free & wind-resistant.

5. SUN

We all know the dangers of too much exposure. Make sure you create a cool, shady spot with comfortable furniture for your guests to relax and recuperate without missing out on the action. (Try setting up a lounge just inside your venue or bring umbrellas and fans for portable relief).