Congrats to STE(A)M Truck!

By driving a mobile innovation lab filled with tools and technologies directly to schools serving our poorest youth, STE(A)M Truck is able to close opportunity gaps too often predicted by zip code. This award-winning program provides access to materials, community experts, and a problem-based curriculum to students during the school day and on their own campus. 

STE(AM) Truck will use The Garage to tell their story, showcase the success of current students, and inspire the broader community to take action to ensure that youth throughout Georgia have access to a transformative learning experience that prepare them for the real world. 

In addition to the grand prize, each finalist will receive a $500 Grant:

honorCode is transforming our nations most vulnerable youth into technology entrepreneurs who invest in themselves and their community by weaving coding into public education. By the end of their first year of operation, they will have affected more than 1400 Atlanta students and armed 40 teachers with the power to infuse coding into their classrooms.

Pentorship builds products to disrupt the cycle of recidivism and unemployment and improve the educational delivery models of businesses that train returning citizens for 21st-century work.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate The Garage Turns One!