Give The Garage in 2019 nominations open in January

Congrats to our 2018 winner!

Helping Mamas was founded in 2014 by two moms who are also social workers and nonprofit professionals. They were serving women who desperately needed diapers but couldn’t afford them, used plastic grocery bags when they ran out of diapers, and put their beloved children in the wrong sized car seat because that is all they had. They saw that all of the services and resources they were trying to deliver to their clients were wasted until their most basic needs were met. It is impossible to give job training or financial literacy skills to a mother who is reusing dirty diapers on her baby. The worry, stress, and anxiety about her child overshadow everything else.

Helping Mamas connects helping mamas to mamas needing help. Their vision is to be the baby supply bank of metro Atlanta and beyond. They provide costly and much needed baby supplies to organizations serving families in need in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for babies to thrive.

Our two finalists each walked away with a $500 grant and a special surprise from our vendor partners Alon’s and Palate Catering!

Global Growers’ mission is to increase the number of food producers who create access to healthy, sustainably-grown food and also to prepare farmers to be competitive in their local marketplace. They connect the agricultural talent of the local refugee community to opportunities in sustainable agriculture, and specialize in providing comprehensive agricultural support including: farmland acquisition and management, aggregation and distribution services which facilitates market access and sales for partner farmers, as well as education and technical assistance in organic fruit and vegetable production.

Before formalizing the concept of Love Beyond Walls, founder Terence Lester, with the permission of his family, chose to live on the streets of Atlanta to understand the sufferings of those faced with homelessness and poverty. He was put out of shelters, slept under bridges, ate handouts, begged for money, got put out of restaurants, stayed up countless days, and experienced every aspect of homelessness first-hand.

Since then, the organization has focused on raising awareness of the realities and needs of those experiencing lack and vulnerability, and using that vehicle as a way of mobilizing people to take part in those stories. They provide dignity to the homeless and poor by providing a voice, visibility, shelter, community, and grooming and support services to achieve self-sufficiency.

A Special Shoutout to All The Incredible Nominees!