Event Space Atlanta

Loading into a new venue can be a challenging aspect of any event. Here are a few tricks of the trade we’ve picked up along the way that will help you no matter where you might find yourself producing an event.

Load Ins & Build Outs – Use A Floor Plan

Organization and coordination are the key to success here and will ensure that the first important steps of your event start out on the right foot. An easy way to set yourself up for a win is to use your floor plan to schedule who loads in and when. You don’t want your bartenders on-site ready to rock if your furniture hasn’t been set yet. Likewise, you can’t set your furniture until your carpet has been installed or your stage is built out. Breaking down the time allotments between vendors and contractors will give everyone involved the advantage of a seamless and stress-free load in.

Event Floor Plan Atlanta

Electrical Loads – Don’t Blow A Fuse

Is your event going to be lit up like a Christmas tree? Are you going to be bumpin’ beats at maximum output? Do you have an eSports event that requires 50 game stations running simultaneously with a full A/V production to boot? We hope so because that sounds like fun! The key to not blowing a fuse is to spread your power output between multiple breakers. Taking this step helps minimize the chance of overloading your grid at an inopportune time during your production. Coordinate with your venue manager and all of your vendors in the early planning stages to determine what type of wattage will be required. Be proactive and you should have all the juice you need to keep the party going!

ELEAGUE eSports event in The Garage

Branding – This Is YOUR Space

Consider your venue a blank canvas. What type of picture do you want to paint? There are many creative ways to flex the brandability of any space. Vinyl window skins are a great way to catch everyone’s eye before they walk through the door and really make the space your own. Build out room within your budget to contract with a vinyl wrap company who considers these types of projects their specialty, and you’ll be blown away by how versatile and personalized windows can truly be.

Red Bull Conquest

Live Stream – Share The Experience

Once you’ve taken all the steps to make sure that your invited guests are having a first-rate experience within your event, it is time to think about everyone who will NOT have the pleasure of attending in person. Adding in a live stream element to your event is increasingly becoming a staple within the event world – and for good reason. Not only does this easy, tech-savvy addition allow you to share your once-in-a-lifetime experience with the rest of the world, it also allows you to document the success of your event for sales and marketing purposes moving forward. In this age of social media, you should embrace any opportunity available to increase your brand awareness and influence via the world wide web.

Live stream setup in room adjacent to the stage

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